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Whether you’re in need of a reminder to take a few deep breaths or looking for guidance in your mindfulness meditation practice, we've got you covered. Each course offers video, audio, and transcripts so you can choose your favorite way to engage with each practice.

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Introduction to
Mindfulness Meditation
with Barry Boyce (Sample)

In this 2-part series, you’ll explore how to cultivate your attention and build awareness with simple mindfulness practices.

Calm Your Mind
with Zindel Segal

In this 4-part series, you’ll develop your ability to ground yourself, return your attention to the present, and fully find yourself at any moment.

Build Emotional Resilience
with Jessica Morey

In this 4-part series, you’ll build your capacity for emotional resilience, learning how to mindfully practice with intense emotions like anger, anxiety, longing, and even joy.

Train Your Brain to
Break Bad Habits
with Judson Brewer

In this 4-part series, you’ll learn how your mind works and how to work with your mind by bringing awareness and curiosity to your habits.

Tune Into Your Body
with Cara Bradley

In this 4-part series, you’ll celebrate your physicality by using your body as a tool for mindfulness practice. You’ll learn how to have ready access a state of calm and ease.

Loving-Kindness with Holistic Life Foundation

In this 4-part series, you’ll learn how loving-kindness meditation can nourish deep connection and healing for ourselves, our loved ones, and our community.

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