Most people will spend close to one-third of their life at work.

Taught by an outstanding, highly experienced group of faculty and guests from Naropa University who combine decades of business and mindfulness experience, Mindful at Work is a self-paced course that can help you:

Overcome stress and improve performance

Enhance communication, compassion, and confidence

Apply mindfulness to decision-making, teamwork, and navigating change

Improve your organization’s ability to cultivate a safe, respectful, and authentic culture

Demonstrate mindful leadership at work and in daily life

That’s a lot of time, especially if work leaves you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. But work can be a place of connection, creativity, and well-being.

Who is this course for?

Beginners and experienced mindfulness practitioners welcome! This course is for anyone interested in applying mindfulness in their work life to enhance clarity, compassion and confidence.

This 8-module course includes:

Video lectures

Written content

Guided exercises

Online journal

Online forums to share experiences with other students

Ability to follow at your own pace

Access anytime, anywhere

Mindful at Work will cover:

Learning the fundamentals of mindfulness, and the difference it makes

Implementing mindful planning and decision-making

Communicating mindfully and facilitating mindful meetings and teamwork

Leading mindfully

Navigating change with mindfulness

Mindful at Work Faculty

Susan Skjei, PhD 
(lead instructor)

Director of the Authentic Leadership Centre at Naropa University, international facilitator, meditation teacher and former Fortune 1000 corporate executive

Gaylon Ferguson, PhD

Professor, author and meditation teacher for over 40 years

Marty Janowitz

Corporate executive, social entrepreneur, and senior meditation teacher focused on sustainability and the environment

Judith Simmer Brown, PhD

Senior Buddhist teacher, professor, and founding faculty member of Naropa University

Tami Simon

Founder of Sounds True and pioneer of the conscious business movement

Jim Rosen

Technology entrepreneur, corporate executive, professional coach and mindfulness teacher for over 30 years

Peter Grossenbacher, PhD

Professor of contemplative education and psychology and Director of the Consciousness Laboratory at Naropa

Mary McHenry, M.Ed.

Wilderness rites of passage guide, leadership coach, musician, and manager at the Authentic Leadership Centre at Naropa

Rev. angel Kyodo williams

Zen priest, maverick spiritual teacher, founder of the Center for Transformative Change, and author of Being Black: Zen and the Art of Living With Fearlessness and Grace


“I rediscovered my inherent purpose in life and how I could realize that purpose through my work. I discovered that obstacles were just opportunities for personal and professional growth. I now successfully lead and support my spirited team with a keen sense of possibility. What a precious gift to wake up proudly to my own authenticity and potential.”

Resa Register
RTT Director, Radiation Oncology, Kaiser Permanente Medical Group

“Most leadership workshops engage the mind, but leave the body and spirit behind. Real leadership is much more than a mental exercise. To leave body and spirit out is to cut your effectiveness by two-thirds. Naropa brings it all together in a powerful way.”

Ritu Sharma
International Youth Foundation

“My journey has been one of allowing confidence to emerge and trusting that what I have to offer is sufficient for what the situation is asking of me. In cultivating a mindset of open inquiry and risk, I continue to face and embrace new challenges and opportunities.”

Kim Kita
Director of Special Projects and Partnerships, Colorado State University Operations