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How Humor Builds Empathy

Scott Aukerman, co-founder of “Between Two Ferns,” defaulted to comedy to disarm bullies early in life. He thinks humor is key to fostering empathy and genuine interactions.

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6 Books to Get You Unhooked from Negative Habits

From food cravings to telling off grumpy colleagues, some habits are hard to avoid even on our best days. We’ve rounded up these mindfulness reads so you can flourish in every facet of life—even during those tough times.


This is Your Anxious Brain on Meditation

Mindfulness asks us to simply notice the storylines we create in our minds without trying to change them. Meditation gives us the space to choose not to react to those things that trigger our anxiety.

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What You Practice Grows Stronger

When it comes to making changes, we all have one habit in common that holds us back: self-judgement. The neuroscience of mindfulness suggests lasting change requires a softer touch.

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