6 Mindfulness Books to Read on Cozy Winter Days

From the science of awe to navigating grief and loss, here are six mindful books and three podcasts to inspire your practice this winter.

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The latest mindfulness books range from covering the cutting-edge science of meditation and awe to mindfulness exercises for teens and navigating grief and loss. Here are the Mindful editors’ favorite new titles. 

6 New Mindfulness Books to Read 1. The Mindful Teen Workbook

Patricia Rockman, MD; Allison McLay, DCS; and M. Lee Freedman, MD • New Harbinger

Nothing can kill the spirit of genuine mindfulness more quickly than a one-size-fits-all attitude, and nowhere is that illustrated more potently than with teenagers. If you impose a fixed idea of anything from above and try to impose it—subtly or overtly—teens will reject it and rebel against it. 


Because they should know better? 


Because they do know better. 

The energy of inquisitiveness and questioning that is a hallmark of mid-adolescence—about 16 to 19 years old, since adolescence lasts from roughly age 12 to 24—is a developmental and societal necessity. Otherwise, no dynamic change would emerge from the next generation of people who will inherit what’s been left for them. If you’re going to teach folks from this age cohort anything, you have to do it in collaboration. 

That’s what’s so refreshing about The Mindful Teen…