Mindfulness: Getting Started

Audio, video, and other resources on basic meditation, curated by the Mindful Team. 

Never lose sight of the basics. Bookmark this page and send it to friends. Below you'll find some of our touchstone articles on mindfulness practice, plus audio and video resources for guided meditation practices and  working creatively with emotions. We've also just updated this page with video and other resources for mindful movement. 

You'll want to come back here time and again to keep your daily practice well-tuned. And if you have a question about meditation and mindfulness practice, you can email us at inpractice@mindful.org.


Yoga with Cyndi Lee
In Mindful's August issue, Cyndi Lee offers a yoga sequence to compliment sitting meditation. Here, get a taste of Lee's yoga class in action.

Beginners Yoga: 15-minute Morning Practice
This morning practice, presented by Yoga Journal, takes you through a gentle but challenging morning flow, offering plenty of explanations of each position.

All levels: 45-minute Hip-opening Practice
For a longer practice, Esther Ekhart of Ekhart Yoga offers this class for releasing tension in the hips and lower back, plus working on strength in standing poses. You can find dozens of free yoga videos on the website, too 

Qi Gong with Charlie Halpern
Charlie Halpern, law professor and head of the Berkeley Institute of Mindfulness in Law, teamed up with the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society to offer this 28-minute qigong practice. Halpern teaches this sequence to law students as well.

Tai Chi with Travis Eneix
Travis Eneix practices tai chi and aikido in San Francisco, and he shares some of beginner's instruction in this 3-minute video.

How do I sit?
Andy Puddicombe, founder of the Headspace meditation app, explains how to sit when you meditate. Headspace has also partnered with The Guardian to produce The Headspace Meditation podcasts, five free podcasts exploring mindfulness in other facets: mindful eating, mindful commuting, walking, sleep, etc. 

Guided Breathscape
Mindfulness pioneer Jon Kabat-Zinn, the founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), takes us through a 20-minute meditation focusing on the breath. 

The Body Scan Practice
Elisha Goldstein, Mindful's Mental Health blogger, takes us through a 10-minute body scan practice you can try lying down or sitting in a chair. 


Free guided meditations from UCLA
Each week has a different theme, and usually includes some introductory comments, a guided meditation, some silent practice time, and closing comments. Presented by the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center.

UCSD Center for Mindfulness
Guided audio files for practicing Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) from the UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness. 

Basic mediation with Tara Brach
Free meditations that you can stream or download.

Contemplative Mind in Society
Guided practices from from Mirabai Bush, the center's director, Diana Winston from UCLA's Mindfulness Awareness Research Center, and Arthur Zajonc, president of the Mind & Life Institute.

Insight Meditation Society 
Selected talks, podcasts, and audio streams, including various lengths of guided meditation. 


More Than Just This Body
Rodney Yee, one of the biggest names in yoga today, talks about yogic ideals, stereotypes, and how yoga works.

Yoga: Make Friends With Your Body
On or off the meditation cushion, we can be friends with our body—just the way it is. Cyndi Lee shows us how to sit with relaxation and ease.

Making the Move from Meditation to Yoga
Meditator Mark Epstein shares his adventures and frustrations.

The Five Components of Mindful Exercise
Mindful movement doesn't have to be attached to a practice. We can infuse awareness into our exercise routines, and notice the change in how we feel. Headspace's Andy Puddicombe offers five pointers.

Meditation: Getting Started
So you want to start practicing meditation, but need to know the very basics—like how to sit. Mindfulness pioneer Jon Kabat-Zinn offers helpful tips for beginners.

Five Steps to Mindfulness
“Breathing in, I know that I am breathing in.” Mindfulness can transform your life. Meditation master Thich Nhat Hanh teaches five exercises to help you live with joy.

Body and Mind Integration
Yoga practice and meditation work extremely well together, say Cyndi Lee and David Nichtern. They show us how.

Is it working?
So you're practicing mindfulness, but sometimes it just doesn't feel like it's working. That's natural. In order to stay on track, says Donald Altman, it's important to stop now and then and recalibrate your thinking. Here's how.

Setting up a Mindfulness Meditation Group
Betsy Nelson on how she did it, why it helps, and how you can too.

This web extra provides additional information related to an article titled, "How to Meditate: Start Here," which appeared in the April 2014 issue of Mindful magazine.
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