Mindfulness: Getting Started

Lots of us think about trying mindfulness meditation, but it can be hard to know where to begin. We'll show you how to start, feel better, reduce your stress, and enjoy your life a little more. 

How to Do It

Mindfulness meditation practice couldn't be simpler: take a good seat, pay attention to the breath, and when your attention wanders, return. By following these simple steps, you can get to know yourself up close and personal.

How Meditation Helps With Difficult Emotions

How are you feeling? Meditation gives us a chance to entertain that question at a deeper level. It can give us the room to fully experience an emotion for what it is. Try this mindfulness practice for working creatively with fear.

Mindful Yoga

Mindful movement gets us out of our heads and into our bodies—and into the world around us. Here's a series of simple postures and movements you can use as part of a sitting meditation session—or anytime.

How to Choose a Meditation Instructor

Looking for mindfulness instruction from someone? If you want to make mindfulness part of your life, you'll probably want to consider working with an instructor. Here's four questions you should ask yourself.

Choosing a Program

Mindfulness offers tools to explore the human condition in all its variety. You can learn basic mindfulness meditation in any number of ways. Here’s an overview of the many types of mindfulness programs at your disposal.

Mom reading to daughter5 Ways to Bring Mindfulness Home

Mindfulness can help us de-stress, but where it really gets put to the test is in our connections with others. And connecting with your family is crucial to everyone’s well-being. Here are some things to keep in mind as you make the effort.