Remedies for Your Anxious Mind

Elisha and Stefanie Goldstein offer 11 ways to slow down and stay steady when anxiety trips you up.

goodwin_x/Dollar Photo Club

On a bad day—and those can come one after another—every little thing can drive us to distraction. We’re itchy, antsy, pulling our hair out, too jumpy to even meditate. Next time your brain gets knotted up, consider these suggestions.

1. First, slow down

When we are anxious EVERYTHING speeds up—our thoughts race, our heart pounds, our breathing accelerates. This makes it difficult to think clearly and make healthy decisions. At the first sign of things speeding up, move a little slower and see what else you can do to intentionally s l o w t h i n g s d o w n.

2. Come to your senses

Anxiety lives in our minds and often manifests in the body. When we’re anxious we’re not connected to where we are. Take a few moments to connect with your five senses. It will help bring you back into the moment.

3. Be mindful of a simple task

Life is full of simple tasks: walking, eating, answering emails, gardening, drinking water, cooking. When we’re anxious, we feel out of control. Being mindful of a simple task helps remind us we’re in control of our choices. Choose a task…