MINDFUL NOW: Timely dispatches from the mindful world.

How mindfulness meditation helped one family reduce stress around the challenges of raising an autistic and bipolar child. 

How did mindfulness meditation become so popular among cultural and financial "strivers"? A recent New Yorker article looks to Dan Harris' 10% Happier for answers.

With today’s 24/7 demands, our attention is fractured and we’re forced to focus on what’s urgent, not what's important. But it doesn’t have to be that way, says Janice Marturano.

As much as we'd all like to escape from our technology, oftentimes the demands of work don't give us the choice. Elisha Goldstein gives advice on how to use our digital devices to actually support us in our mindfulness practice.

About half of substance abusers who enter treatment use again within a year. Can mindfulness help to cultivate moment-to-moment awareness?

Richie Davidson's research is proving how well-being can actually change the brain.