What Happiness Means to Mindful Readers

We often place high value on happiness and the happiness of those around us. But what does being happy actually mean? Here’s what Mindful readers had to say about the deeper meaning of happiness.

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Where do you find happiness?

For me, happiness is found in nature. Nothing is better than walking in nature and appreciating the energy, sounds, smells, beauty, and feeling of everything.
—Karen Emmons

On a mindful walk with my dog, taking nature in, observing, noticing! 
—Jennifer Squires

I find happiness when I tap into my inner little girl. She finds delight in the simplest things; this transforms the entire world into a place of beauty! 
—Coach Cherise 

When I wake up without pain, see my lovely daughters, see my dog after work, and when my husband hugs me.
—@inthismomentbox (Instagram)

Do you believe money can buy happiness?

Is happiness a state of mind?

Does happiness depend on external circumstances?

What made you happy today?

Passing the day with my husband. I don’t need external things to make me happy.
—@eugenia_shpilman (Instagram)

Watching my friend’s little boy just be a little boy, having fun. 
—@catieslife (Instagram)

Sitting outside an Italian grocery store/deli in the sun, eating lunch with my husband.
—@barbzuccarello (Instagram)

Sitting outside on my deck this morning drinking my tea and thinking of my grandmother.
—@mindfulmummie (Instagram)

Taking care of my inner self. 
—@bbfr21 (Instagram)

What Happiness Means to Mindful Readers - Image of two dogs in party hats.
@veggietrish is all smiles with the birthday celebrant!
What Happiness Means to Mindful Readers - Image of a pathways leading into a garden.
Sarah Meredith finds happiness in this beautiful garden oasis.
What Happiness Means to Mindful Readers - An image of a handwritten birthday card.
@Radhekrishna finds happiness lies in the folds of a birthday card.

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