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Mindful Content

Continuing to bring you trusted content and more of it—helping you find peace in difficult times, tame anxiety, and live with more compassion and awareness.

Supporting and connecting local champions to develop a strong global mindfulness community to benefit all parts of society.

Mindful Community


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Mindful Cities

Helping civic leaders bring mindfulness programs into their cities to improve civic dialogue and create flourishing communities.

Creating mindful resources that address the main sources of school teacher burnout (stress, overwhelm, and frustration), and providing the next generation with life skills that will help them in the classroom and beyond.

Mindful Education

  • Better health
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Heightened resilience
  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Kinder interactions
  • More caring relationships

In today’s demanding world, you can help foster enduring social change through the benefits of mindfulness, including:

In today’s world, mindfulness is not an indulgence, it’s an imperative. Underserved urban school kids, their teachers, veterans, burned-out caregivers, traumatized police, besieged firefighters, and more—all finding pain relief and life skills from these practices. Now is the time to double down on mindfulness. It is the infrastructure renewal we need for society today."

Executive Director, Foundation for a Mindful Society

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These are qualities the world needs now more than ever. Last year, over 6 million people visited looking for ways to lessen stress and anxiety, and enhance well-being and connection in their lives. Mindful is a non-profit and we rely on your support to continue our work. Join us in building a happier, healthier world. 

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