Coming Up Next: mindfulTV

From shaky handy-cam to live-streaming television, Publisher James Gimian unveils what could be next at Mindful—with your help.

I’m pleased to share the news about Mindful’s exciting new project—mindfulTV, which we’re launching with our first-ever Indiegogo campaign. We’ve already given the mindfulness movement a media home with our in-depth reporting and diverse coverage. Now mindfulTV will bring the conversation to life with sound and picture.

You might have seen the first video we posted when was launched. It’s a short video of Jon Kabat-Zinn talking about his support for which I shot using an amateur hand-held video camera while Jon was precariously perched on a park bench overlooking the Pacific ocean in Santa Monica. It’s pretty rugged stuff.

Now, with mindfulTV, we can bring the best of the mindfulness world to your computer, tablet, or smartphone, with programs including high-definition live streaming of events and conferences and specially produced shows featuring the leading writers, champions, and activists in the mindfulness world. That’s a long way to come in a short time.

If you visit regularly, then it’s likely that you are committed to bringing the benefits of mindfulness to the world. Help us create mindfulTV by supporting Mindful’s Indiegogo campaign and we’ll be able to do even more to help you fulfill that commitment.