Building a Mindful Community with JG Larochette

Managing editor Stephanie Domet catches up with JG Larochette to find out how the Mindful Life Project got started and what impact it's had on thousands of lives, including his own.

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  Real Mindful: Building a Mindful Community with JG Larochette 41:53

Stephanie Domet: Hello and welcome to Real Mindful, this is where we speak mindfully about things that matter. Real Mindful is a twice monthly conversation with some of the teachers, thinkers, writers, and researchers who are engaged in the mindfulness movement. You’ll hear conversations about the science of mindfulness, the practice of mindfulness and the heart of it and we’re so glad you’re here. I’m Stephanie Domet, I’m the managing editor at Mindful magazine and And this is Real Mindful. 

JG Larochette: 25 kids who maybe got still and silent for 10 seconds in the first five months of the school year dropped into practice, eyes gently closed, bodies still.

SD: That’s JG Larochette, he’s the founder and director at the Mindful Life Project. The Mindful Life Project is a nonprofit JG started almost a decade ago to help bring the transformative power of mindfulness and its tools to school kids and school communities.

The Mindful Life Project is a charitable partner of this year’s Mindful30, our annual 30-day meditation challenge that…