Ruth King on Planting Seeds for the Future

Teacher, author, and trained clinical psychologist Ruth King talks with Mindful managing editor Stephanie Domet about how her mindfulness practice helps her navigate rocky terrain, while looking toward the future.

  Real Mindful: Ruth King on Planting Seeds for the Future 21:30

Stephanie Domet: Hello and welcome to this first ever episode of Real Mindful. This is where we speak mindfully about things that matter. We’ll meet here twice a month to introduce you to some of the teachers, thinkers, writers, and researchers who are engaged in the mindfulness movement. You’ll hear all kinds of conversations here about the science of mindfulness, the practice of mindfulness, and the heart of it. And if you’ve been a listener of Point of View with Barry Boyce, well, you’ll hear Barry on this podcast, too. In fact, coming up on the very next episode of Real Mindful, Barry and I will be in conversation. I’m Stephanie Domet, I’m the managing editor at Mindful and, and this is Real Mindful. 

Ruth King: Being crybaby was like being a target. 

SB: That’s Ruth King. She’s one of this years’ powerful women of the mindfulness movement nominated by their peers and featured in the August issue of Mindful magazine. Ruth is a teacher, an author, and a clinical psychologist, and she’s our guest on this episode of Real Mindful. I spoke with her back in…