9 Mindful Books to Cultivate Calm and Stay On Task

From calming mindfulness practices to a deep dive on the science of dopamine addiction, here are nine books and three podcasts the Mindful editors recommend.

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1. Set Boundaries, Find Peace

A Guide to Reclaiming Yourself

Nedra Glover Tawwab • TarcherPerigee

“‘Boundaries’ can be such a broad and intimidating term,” therapist, author, and relationship expert Nedra Glover Tawwab writes in the first few pages of Set Boundaries, Find Peace. And it is true. Moving through the world while setting and respecting boundaries is no easy feat. Similar in sentiment to the title of Chapter 1, you may even be wondering: What the Heck Are Boundaries? Through a series of relatable stories and scenarios, Glover Tawwab shows us how different types of boundaries and boundary violations can show up in real life. However, Glover Tawwab doesn’t stop at recognizing what this may look like in our lives: She offers thoughtful responses we can use in similar situations, exercises comprised of prompts geared toward self-reflection, questions formed to uncover what boundaries we may need to explore, and guidance on how to meet resistance to the boundaries we’d like to hold. She also explores how past trauma can impact our ability to maintain healthy boundaries.

In her writing, Glover Tawwab always comes back to the truth that boundaries “can be such a broad term.” She’s apt to acknowledge that everyone’s expectations and needs to feel safe in a relationship are different—and boundaries are valid in a variety of settings that involve family, friends, romance, work, and technology. She presents easy steps to set boundaries (and notes that they’re “maybe not so easy, but doable”) and gives everyone a foundation to start doing the work of setting boundaries with a smart and painless