Uncovering Happiness Symposium with Elisha Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, Dan Harris, and Others

Early Bird Access is now available for this online symposium on uncovering your happiness.

Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D., author of Uncovering Happiness, is hosting an online Happiness Symposium this July. Over 20 speakers, including Sharon Salzberg, Dan Harris, and Tim Ryan, will be giving their unique insights into training your mind to change your life. The online symposium will be available anywhere that you have an internet connection and will span throughout all of July.

Early bird registration is now available, which gives you access to the whole symposium, 50% off lifetime access, and free bonus preview talks before the symposium starts.

The preview talks are from all the speakers, including Christine Carter, a sociologist and happiness expert who was featured in the June 2015 issue of Mindful.

The symposium will cover a variety of topics which all relate to living a happier life, including breaking bad habits, mindful eating, teenagers and happiness, relationships and families, self-compassion, creating confidence, and forgiveness. The symposium is based off of Elisha Goldstein’s book Uncovering Happiness, where he tells his story of finding mindfulness and how you can find it too. Elisha’s writing and work, and now this symposium, are filled with knowledge on how to live a happier life, like this piece of advice on how to learn to forgive others no matter what:

“There’s a saying: “Not forgiving is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to get hurt or die.” The reality is holding onto resentment literally keeps our cortisol running and makes us sick. The wonderful thing about forgiveness is it really only takes one to tango. You only need one person to forgive—you! You don’t even need the offender.”

To learn more about Elisha, read his mental health blog on mindful.org. There you’ll find mindfulness practices, inspiring stories, and insights into current mindfulness research.