Try This Breathing Meditation to Calm Your Busy Mind

This guided belly breath meditation allows you to explore slow, relaxed, abdominal breathing–when you need it most.

Adobe Stock/ Anatoliy Karlyuk

The belly breath is like a circuit breaker for a brain that is careening out of control and taking the kid (or adult) along for the ride. Belly breath can be a peaceful practice: getting you centered and your head straight for a day at work. Or it can be a lifesaving practice: overriding adolescent instincts that can take a kid from a bad situation to a terrible one. 

Either way, you need the belly breath in your practice, and so does your kid. Here’s a simple practice you can do by yourself, or with your child. 

If you’re doing this practice with a child, let the kid burn off some energy first, in the gym or on the playground. Figure out a way to release that restless energy that every kid has. Then, when your kid is a little more relaxed, and more receptive, sit down with them on a mat in a quiet spot. 

In a perfect world you’ll have a little ambience going. Maybe a salt lamp or lava lamp for some mellow lighting, and a white-noise machine or a fan if there’s a ton of traffic noise. A comfortable cushion and…