Can We Crowdfund Kindness? 

Brooklyn-based start-up wants to community-source acts of kindness—like a Kickstarter for building a kinder world. Read More 

  • Stephany Tlalka
  • October 14, 2016
Mindfulness Research

Stingy Brain, Generous Brain 

What makes the difference between giving and holding back? It turns out generosity is a skill we can develop, and hard times play a big role. Read More 

  • Sharon Begley
  • July 7, 2016

Where Does Kindness Come From? 

A new study fuses methods from several different branches of science to reveal the forces that shape kindness. Read More 

  • Emiliana R. Simon-Thomas
  • June 1, 2016
Mental Health

The 7 Drivers of Old Habits of Thinking 

When it comes to negative experiences, we have habitual ways of responding to what triggers us. But we can learn to step out of and stay out of negative thought cycles. Read More 

  • Zindel Segal
  • April 14, 2016

A Kinder, Gentler World 

Is compassion something we only have so much of? Or can we be trained to love more people more of the time? Jennifer Campbell reports. Read More 

  • Jennifer Campbell
  • April 13, 2016

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