This 5-Minute Guided Meditation is a Love Letter Waiting to be Sent

Nate Klemp and Kaley Klemp guide you through a visualization practice to bring a sense of gratitude to your relationship and reconnect with your partner.

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With time we might find ourselves drifting apart from our partners. We might miss an opportunity to let our partners know how much they’re loved or how much we simply appreciate them. While the idea of writing a love letter might seem outdated, taking the time to express your feelings in a relationship is an act that will always remain relevant. 

For this visualization practice, imagine you and your partner are at the end of your lives. You’ve had a great run together. And now, it’s time to say “goodbye.” From this perspective, you will write a letter to them. But first, to help you go even deeper into this perspective, we encourage you to listen to the radical generosity love letter meditation. We’ve also included a few prompts below in case you need inspiration.

As you go through this practice, think about what you want your partner to know? How did you fall in love? What were some of your favourite moments together? What do you want to appreciate your partner for? What will you miss most about them?

A Radical Generosity Visualization Practice

5-Minute Radical Generosity Practice

  • 4:48

1. Find a comfortable seat, or if you prefer, you can even lie down on your back with something to support your head and neck.

2. Once you get settled, take just a few breaths. Feel the weight of your body supported by the earth, close your eyes, and let go of any effort to control your breath. Then, release any stress or tension you might be carrying.

3. Picture you and your partner many years from now at the end of your lives. You’re sitting together on comfortable chairs perched at the edge of a pristine lake, a lake that’s so still you can see the reflection of the horizon on its surface. Your skin is wrinkled, and your hair is gray. You’ve had an amazing run together. As you sit together, your partner reaches out to hold your hand; It’s the perfect day.

4. From this perspective, think back to the day the two of you first met, remember where you were, who you were with, and what happened. And just notice the feeling of gratitude for having met each other.

5. Now, think back to the day you were married, or if that’s not relevant, to some other meaningful day. Picture the scene. Remember who was there. Remember what you were wearing and what you were feeling at that moment. And just notice the feeling of gratitude.

6. Think back to a moment when you were struggling, and your partner showed up to support you. It might be a difficult year, a layoff, or some other big setback. Remember where you were, what you were feeling, and see if you can experience that feeling of support. And just notice again, that feeling of gratitude.

7. Remember a milestone moment you shared with your partner. It might be the birth of a child, the launch of a business, or some other major life accomplishment. Remember where you were, picture the two of you together, remember what it was like to celebrate and savor this moment. And just notice the feeling of gratitude.

8. Now return to those two chairs facing the lake and spend the next minute or so just savoring this experience of gratitude and appreciation for your partner.

9. When you’re ready, take a few final deep breaths, relax even more into this experience of gratitude.

10.  Then begin to open your eyes and come back to the present where you are right now.

And now, see if you can bring this heightened sense of gratitude and appreciation to the final task: writing your partner the radical generosity love letter.

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