Surgeon Prescribes Calming Music to Patients

A calming room designed by ambient music artist Brian Eno was created at a UK hospital after a surgeon noticed the calming effects of Eno's music on his mother-in-law.

“When orthopaedic surgeon Robin Turner heard how serene his normally fidgety mother-in-law was when she visited a Brian Eno installation at Brighton festival, a flashbulb went off in his head,” notes an article from The Guardian on the new calming room at Montefiore hospital in the UK.

The installation cost around £34 million, and was created in collaboration with artist Brian Eno. The result is a quiet room playing Eno’s music where patients can have a chance to relax or de-stress. Turner said the hospital will test pulse, blood, anxiety, and other physiological changes to people in the “Eno room.”

Eno, considered the godfather of ambient music, told The Guardian that the collaboration “seemed a natural step for me to take as I’ve been dealing with this idea of functional music for quite a few years.”

Eno created a special soundtrack for the room. To listen to a sample, click here.