Bringing Mindfulness to the Mainstream

Mirabai Bush on bringing mindfulness to a secular audience and the "how-tos" of mindfulness practice.

If you haven't heard of Mirabai Bush before…well, you probably have. She helped establish Google's Search Inside Yourself program and recently created an audio CD of mindfulness techniques compiled from her experience working with Google and other large companies called Working with Mindfulness (you can check out our review, including a sample practice, here).

Mirabai caught up with Stephany Tlalka,'s digital editor, this September. In this interview, Mirabai talks about bringing mindfulness and contemplative practices to a broader, secular audience and the common misconceptions people have about mindfulness (namely, that you have to empty your mind and be completely calm all of the time). Mindfulness practice is discussed towards the end of the video, as Stephany asks Mirabai how "observing your thoughts without judgment" actually works. 

photo credit: Paul Specht