A dose of mindfulness for election night

MindfulVOTES on how you can incorporate mindfulness into the election tonight. 

Stop, wait, vote. MindfulVOTES is an alliance between the Center for Transformative Change, and the team behind YogaVotes. Their goal is to inspire people to bring mindfulness into their lives and into politics.

This election night, MindfulVOTES has prepared a debate watch resource guide complete with alternative places to watch the debates and report card templates to help orient your thoughts around what each candidate has presented thus far.

MindfulVOTES has also provided a space on their website where people can organize their own Mindful Circle of a small group of individuals who want to get together and discuss the issues.

MindfulVOTES sent a small team to both national conventions in order to teach mindfulness practices. And in an effort to bring more consciousness to the political process, the Huffington Post is sponsored an “Oasis” at the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention. It was a space for delegates to unplug and recharge featuring meditation, yoga, tai chi, spa services and refreshments.

To support MindfulVotes, and for more information about the initiative, visit their fundraising page.