6 Questions to Spark Intimacy in Your Relationships

Next time you’re tempted to scroll through your phone instead of catching up with your partner after work, try one of these reflective queries—they just might spark a thoughtful conversation and, at the same time, bring you closer together.

Adobe Stock/fizkes

You and your partner finally carve out time to be alone together. You go on a date, take a weekend away together, or maybe just take 45 minutes to walk around the neighborhood. But then, as you enter into this precious time reserved for connection, you stare blankly at each other wondering, “Shouldn’t we have more to talk about?”

It’s a predicament experienced by couples at all stages: newlyweds, those who have lived together for years, those who have been together for decades.

So how can you reignite the spark of conversation? Here are six of our favorite questions to help bring you and your partner closer together.

6 Questions to Spark Intimacy and Conversation 1. What’s really going on with you?

This is an invitation to take your conversation one level deeper, an invitation for your partner to talk about their challenges, struggles, and victories you may not know about.

2. What’s something that you feel proud of?

Lost in the hectic flow of everyday life is the ability to talk about small but meaningful accomplishments at home, at work, or in family life. The benefit of asking this question is understanding. It helps you…