Why Sitting at Your Job is Mindless (Infographic)

Here’s how you can make it better with mindfulness and a few desk tweaks.

We’re all becoming more aware about the ways in which our hectic lifestyles lead to burnout, not success. But beyond the stress of spending more time connected to the office by our phones and taking fewer vacation days, there’s one item that gets overlooked: that the worst part of the desk job might actually be the desk itself.

The folks at Fast Company have put together an infographic that details the damages of sitting all day, including some easy ways you can set up a standing desk and find time to move around during the day. And with screen-time on the rise, sitting at your desk all day might not be the best way to carve out uninterrupted time to focus on work. As Mindful blogger Ed Halliwell tell us, the mind benefits when we incorporate movement into the process. (And if you’re looking for more ways to include movement into your meditation practice, check out this walking meditation practice from Mindful‘s June 2013 issue.)

Check out the infographic below and let us know: do you think you sit too much? How are you trying to change that in your day-to-day?