Video: “Underneath the Surface” of mindfulness

New film features one of the keynote speakers from Creating a Mindful Society.

“How could mindfulness, a mindful approach to my life, help me?” That was the question that filmmaker Nick Oakley asked himself, and it’s now led to a feature documentary, Underneath the Surface. Featuring Jon Kabat-Zinn, the film shows how meaningful mindfulness practice has been for Oakley, and for more and more people worldwide. Watch the trailer here:

For more information about the film, friend Underneath the Surface on Facebook. The film is a work in progress and is looking for funding so your attention will certainly be appreciated.

And click here to learn about and register for Creating a Mindful Society, the conference taking this fall in New York, featuring Jon Kabat-Zinn and many other pioneers of mindfulness as it applies to every aspect of our lives.