Mindful Educators Community

A free resource offering the best practices for bringing mindfulness into the classroom from 25 of today’s leading mindfulness experts and educators.

Caring for teachers is caring for our future! That’s why we’re launching the Mindful Educators Community, a free resource for teachers and parents.

We’ve gathered the best practices for bringing mindfulness into the classroom from 25 of today’s leading mindfulness experts and educators and we’re offering them to you for free.

The Mindful Educators Collective launches in October 2019

The Mindful Educators Community

Educator Resources for Finding Calm:

  • Richard Davidson, PhD on The Science of Mindfulness
  • Crystal McCreary on How to Bring Embodied Mindfulness Practices to Kids and Youth
  • Patricia Jennings, PhD explores How Mindful Teachers Lead to Mindful Students
  • Andres Gonzalez, Ali Smith, and Atman Smith report on their Detention into Meditation program
  • Peter Levine, PhD on Working with Stress and Healing Trauma

Educator Resources for Honing Attention:

  • Dan Siegel, PhD shares Mindsight for the Classroom
  • Wendy Baron explores How to Create Healing-Centered Schools
  • Rick Hanson, PhD on What Mindfulness Has to Offer You
  • Laura Bakosh, PhD and Mark Sikora M.Ed offer The 5 Myths of Bringing Mindfulness into Schools

Educator Resources for Building Resilience:

  • Daniel Goleman, PhD reveals How to Lead with Mindfulness
  • Leslie Booker explores Embodied Resilience
  • Mark Greenberg, PhD on Creating Resilient Students and Systemic Change
  • Meena Srinivasan MA on Integrating Social/Emotional Learning and Mindfulness at a District Level

Educator Resources for Nourishing Compassion

  • Kristin Neff, PhD on Self-Compassion for You and Your Kids
  • Dacher Keltner, PhD shares The Science of a Meaningful Life
  • Oren Jay Sofer shares A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication
  • Vivian Elliott, PhD on Leading by Example and Looking at Equity in Schools
  • Amy Saltzman, MD on Breaking the Cycle of Bullying with Mindfulness

Educator Resources for Creating Cultural Transformation

  • Elisha Goldstein, PhD & Stefanie Goldstein, PhD on How to Create a Culture of Mindfulness
  • Barb Catbagan, MEd on Developing Your Capacity for Cultural Responsiveness
  • Susan Kaiser Greenland Shares Fun Ways to Share Mindfulness with your Kids
  • Rose Pavlov on Bridging Research with Practice in Diverse Populations
  • Eleonora Cahill, PhD on Resilient Futures: Shaping Schools with a Trauma-Informed Approach

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