How to Rebound From Difficult Emotions at Work

Daniel Goleman on how we can better move on from disappointments that crop up at work. Serapio

We all experience disappointments at work. Passed over for a promotion. Argument with a client or colleague. Office politics run amok. As a leader, your colleagues may see you as the cause of their frustrations—justified or not. Regardless of the source of grief, these distractions can impact performance on all levels. How can you help your team get past emotional roadblocks?

I spoke with my colleague, George Kohlrieser, a professor at IMD about high performance leadership in my master class series. During our discussion, he offered ways to rebound from difficult emotions.

Bonding is crucial for any conflict management and negotiation. And remember, you don’t have to like someone to form a bond. You only need a common goal. However, there will always be a separation or disruption with bonding when there’s frustration or disappointment. When this happens, try to step out of the bond partially or completely. This allows you to open up to the grief process.

It’s helpful for leaders to understand how to go through the grief process for themselves and with others. People can be…