A lot of us avoid meditation because it doesn’t seem accessible. But meditation doesn’t need to be an exotic retreat—although some of our neighbors are quite literally retreating to exotic places this time of year to partake in various mindfulness and yoga programs. Additionally, you don’t need a zafu (a round meditation cushion) and mindfulness apps are optional.

The creators of the How to Adult Youtube channel crafted a five-minute primer on how to meditate. They discuss the benefits, the practice—including some pointers from Mindful on basic seated meditation.

All you need is five minutes and a chair to follow the demonstration.

How to Practice Mindfulness

How To Meditate with Noise: A 3-Minute Practice for Anywhere

Stephany Tlalka

Stephany Tlalka is Deputy Editor, Digital, at Mindful. She is an avid camper and spends weekends collecting gems and minerals from the beaches in Nova Scotia.


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