Guided Meditations from the Powerful Women of the Mindfulness Movement

In our second annual focus on women leaders of mindfulness, we invited teachers, researchers, and activists to share guided meditations that reflect what they’ve learned from their years of deep practice.

As part of our Fall —The Power of Attitude: Change Your Mind, Change Your World—we’ve gathered mindfulness practices from some of the powerful women of the mindfulness movement featured in the magazine. Here they share their deep practice with you so you can be inspired not only to sit and practice, but also to rise and act.

1) An Embodied Awareness Meditation Sebene Selassie Mindfulness Teacher, Author, and Speaker

“Mindfulness presents the opportunity for us to be more fully present for ourselves, our loved ones, and the earth.”

  Embodied Awareness Meditation 11:22 2) A Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation Jenée Johnson Mindfulness, Public Health, and Racial Healing Innovator

“Once you have access to the fullness of your worth and your humanity, then you can do just about anything you want.”

  A Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation 10:41 3) A Practice to Hold the Emotional Body Leslie Booker Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Speaker, and Author

“I want you to see my color. I want you to know that I’m queer. I want you to know that I’m racialized and politicized.”

  A Practice to Hold the Emotional Body 20:08 4) A Guided Meditation for Exploring Interconnectedness Ghylian Bell Founder,…

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