A 15-Minute Meditation to Cultivate Equanimity

Diana Winston leads a guided practice to find even-mindedness and balance in uncertain times.

contrastwerkstatt/Adobe Stock

When you’re faced with difficult emotions, it’s natural to find yourself in a reactive state, but it doesn’t have to be your mind’s default setting. 

In this guided meditation, Diana Winston leads us through a practice to find balance and cultivate equanimity.

Cultivating Equanimity

1. Find a position that’s comfortable and take a few breaths. Invite yourself to soften and connect. Coming into your body and mind, right here, right now.

2. Imagine a time when you felt even-minded and balanced. It could be a time you were about to yell, but instead, took a pause. It could be anything.

3. See if you can bring to mind a time when you felt balanced. Notice if you can see, sense, or feel what it was like. Where were you? What did you see? What did you hear? Most importantly, what did you feel inside yourself?

If nothing comes to mind, you can imagine a mountain. A mountain is solid, strong, and powerful. Can you recall a time you felt the strength of a mountain or imagine what that’s like? What does that feel like?

4. We might say things were as they were. I could be…