Five Ways to Slow Down and Appreciate the Season

Take a break from the pre-Christmas rush with these short mindfulness practices from Ed Halliwell. 

Photograph by Shyn Darkly/

The run-up to the holiday period can be one of extra pressure to rush and speed up to get everything done before the break arrives. As a helpful reminder, here are a couple of pre-Christmas offerings to remind us to slow down and appreciate. First up is one of my favorite video clips, an Australian anti-speeding ad from a few years ago, which also happens to be a great endorsement for mindfulness practice.

And secondly is a “Coming To Your Senses” practice, which is taken from the first chapter of Mindfulness: How To Live Well By Paying Attention (a new book from me which is out on 5th January). If you’re interested in reading more, the full first chapter is available online, and there’s a further extract in the February 2015 issue of Mindful magazine, on newsstands now.

Practice: Coming to your senses

Mindfulness begins when we move from a mode of doing and thinking, and into a way of being, where sensing takes centre stage. For this five senses practice, the only equipment you need is yourself, a chair, and a glass of water. Allow about three minutes…