A Guided Walking Meditation for Daily Life

Take a break and boost your mood with this 12-minute walking meditation.

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Before you begin your meditation, find a quiet space to walk. It could be outdoors, or in a hallway, or even a large room, walking back and forth.

Walking meditation can be a formal practice, like watching the breath. Or it can be informal, bringing awareness to this everyday activity, whenever you need to travel from point A to point B. Walking meditation gives us an opportunity to gather our awareness which so often becomes distracted or even stuck when the mind is left to its own devices. Whether moving between floors of a building, on a city street, or in the woods, it is an opportunity to guide ourselves out of the distracted autopilot we live in throughout so much of our day.

Paying attention in this way, we stay safe by remaining fully aware of whatever is around. On any walk, hike, run, or other physical activity, without effort we may mentally check out—or we can practice awareness instead.

Practice Mindfulness With a Walking Meditation   A Guided Walking Meditation for Daily Life with Mark Bertin 13:00

1. As you begin, walk at a natural pace. Place your hands wherever comfortable: on your belly,…