Mindful Running: Two Ways to Plan Your Route

Whether you enjoy a loose, spontaneous run, or a path with a fixed plan, here are mindfulness tips you can use a long the way.

nenadaksic/Adobe Stock

One of the great joys of running is the time and space it gives you to just be with yourself. There’s nothing else to do, or really, to even think about. Of course, you can load running, like anything else, with all sorts of goals and other busyness. But to truly experience mindfulness while running, the most important thing is to let running itself be the goal without any other needs attached to it.

There are two fun ways to practice this.

1) Just…Run!

Truly give yourself over to the experience of running just for running’s sake, with no other agenda. This will mean going whichever way your desire tells you to go, listening to your body to determine your speed and the distance you travel, and remaining alert and curious to all that’s going on within and outside of you.

Try this:

See if you can take note of things as you run that perhaps you haven’t noticed before. How many different kinds of trees are there? What about birdsong? Is the sidewalk more even in some spots and more cracked in others?

Tip: Make sure you have plenty of water, an extra layer of clothing, and maybe…