A Guided Practice to Connect with What Matters Now

It's so easy to get caught up in the chatter of our own thoughts. Founding Editor Barry Boyce guides us through a practice to cut through the noise and take time for what matters.

I call this practice taking time for what matters. Life can be very distracting. It’s so easy to get caught up in a blizzard of our own thoughts, which are interestingly, sometimes the thoughts of others that have planted themselves in our brain. Like something we heard on the news or a passing comment that latched onto us like a stain on the carpet.

In this contemplative practice, we take a moment to drop beneath the chatter and appreciate the quality of our being—just being. So we’ll begin with a few minutes of basic mindfulness practice.

A 20-Minute Guided Practice to Connect with What Matters Now   Taking Time for What Matters with Barry Boyce 21:24

1. First settle into your body. If you’re seated in a chair or on a cushion, feel your bottom touching the cushion. If you have to lean back in the chair, feel how the back of the chair is touching your body. Feel your feet or your legs touching the floor.

2. Feel the weight of gravity pulling you down—down onto the earth.

3. Your upper body is upright, but not stiff. Your eyes can be open or closed if you’d like. Your…