A 20-Minute Meditation for Exploring Interconnectedness

Ghylian Bell takes us through a guided meditation that reminds us that we are connected to ourselves and those around us during these challenging times.

Adobe Stock/ Mary Long

A Guided Meditation for Exploring Interconnectedness

  • 20:38
  1. Find a comfortable place to sit, lie, or stand. Just be with your body and breathe. I invite you to close your eyes or bring your gaze low until a crease of light shines through.
  2. Notice what’s coming up for you, what the body is aware of right now. What are you feeling? Notice how your body is breathing. No judgment, just observation. Check in with the interconnected union we have with the body, from the inside out.
  3. Breathe through the nose deeply—to the top of the breath. Release the breath and soften. Expel all the air from your lungs until you reach the bottom of the breath. Feel the body breathing. Remember who you are, what you stand for, and what’s beneath the surface of your being: the interconnected self. Soften and surrender. Surrender to old ideas of you. Breathe. Feel the breath. And remember who you are.
  4. As you sit, lie, or stand, remember what’s beneath you: the layers of us. And surrender the body. Breathe. Feel the body supported by what’s beneath it.
  5. Feel the breath and become aware of the body. You are not your body, the body is a tool. You are the higher vibration of light and energy. Breathe and honor the tool.
  6. Honor the feet that support you. Notice your feet and what’s beneath them. Soften the feet. Breathe. And surrender.
  7. Soften the ankles and calves. Feel the vibration from the ground drawing up the legs, and softening the knees and thighs. Feel the breath, remember who you are, and why we’re here together: in solidarity with the body, the mind, and the higher vibrated self.
  8. Soften the hips and buttocks. Surrender the body. Allow the body to breathe. Release the belly and notice the lower back and sacrum. Breathe in light and space there.
  9. Feel the breath open the mind. Relax the belly, seat, and the gut. Notice the duality of that space in the body. Feel the breath. Soften. Remember who you are and the connection we have with the energetic self. Feel the torso breathing with fullness, as the heart raises with deep love. And surrender.
  10. Soften the spine. Release tension in the back. Feel your arms get heavy, as the weight is released from the shoulders. Feel the neck long as the arms draw down.
  11. Soften the fingers—representing the details of life. Release the palms of your hands. What do you hold on to? Surrender, soften, breathe. Feel the breath and the body as a tool.
  12. Release the wrists and forearms. Soften the elbows, biceps, and triceps. Breathe. Feel lightness in your arms, the tool of your embrace. What do you embrace? Breathe and soften. Surrender the body. Free the mind. You are not your body. The body is a tool. How do you use it?
  13. Bring awareness to the throat. Relax the throat and open the throat. Release tension in the jaw and the mouth. How do you use your mouth in language? Soften the mouth. Honor the words that come through with intention and action. Release the face and jaw.
  14. Bring awareness to the ears. Pay attention to what you hear and take in. Surrender. Feel the body breathing. Bring awareness to the eyes. Soften the eyelids and the eyebrows. Bring attention to what you see. The mind remembers what you look at. It stores information from the eyes and ears. Do you see? Or do you turn away? Soften and know the heart is listening.
  15. Feel the breath and soften the mind, the body. The breath is a tool, to help us soften the body and remember who we are. The breath is a symbol: a symbol of this movement of interconnectedness. Breathing is a privilege. Breathing is the catalyst of the movement within us. Surrender the body. Feel the breath and use your tools to breathe into the higher vibrated self.
  16. Feel the body breathing, interconnected, and still. This is a movement. Remember who you are. Remember what’s beneath you and surrender to the higher sense of self. We are energy beings vibrating, together in union, in light, interconnected.
  17. Deepen the breath. Inhale through the nose and exhale with a soft sound. Repeat this two more times. Hold the breath. Hold and then release. Remembering what you stand for: the interconnectedness of us.
  18. Bring both palms together towards your heart. Inhale in solidarity to the privilege of breathing, because we can breathe. As we exhale, bow the head down and honor those who can’t breathe.