7 Reminders for Mindful Eating

Eating can nourish the mind as well as the body.

Mindful eating isn’t just about sating our appetite, filling ourselves up from the outside. It’s also a gratitude practice: appreciating the delicious sights, tastes, and the people who made it possible for you to enjoy the plate in front of you.

This holiday season, bring all of your senses to the table with these seven mindful reminders:

7 Reminders for Mindful Eating

Let the Fork Linger

Try not to let your fork or spoon become a shovel. Take a pause as you pick up your food, a half-moment to appreciate it before putting it in your mouth.

Use All Your Senses

Eating is not just about taste buds. Fruits and vegetables are natural works of art. There is color, shape, texture, coolness, heat, crunch, and many other facets, to appreciate that make a meal a total sensory experience. If you like, you can take a moment to be thankful for everyone who made it possible for you to be eating this food.

Go for the Yum Factor

Let the taste of the food put the brakes on your speedy, wandering mind. When food tastes good, it can stop you for a second if you’re really paying attention. And if you’re eating…