6 Podcast Episodes We Loved in 2020

Need a few more podcasts to round out your year’s listening? Check out these highlights from the Mindful editors.

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Whether we’re listening deeply or keeping them on in the background for “company”, podcasts have been a great way for us to dig into some of the big topics 2020 has brought with it while also providing some awesome and eye-opening entertainment. This year, our top picks focus on a range of informative subjects, from engaging with racial inequality through your mindfulness practice to managing the emotions that come up in a pandemic. You’ll also find some lighthearted episodes on the list about optimism, happiness, and an interesting story where therapy meets AI. 

We hope you enjoy this roundup of podcasts we’ve loved in 2020. 

The Best Mindfulness Podcast Episodes of 2020 1. The Cut

Episode: “Optimism”

Optimism? In 2020, the word has seemed fluffy and unreal. To investigate the true nature of optimism, host Avery Trufelman turns to the docuseries Cheer. For competitive cheerleaders, she says, it’s “the cognitive equivalent of spinning 360 degrees in the air and landing on one hand. They train like hell for it.” Constantly at physical risk in their training, and gaining little if any recognition, they’re still the epitome of positivity.…