3 Ways to Nurture the Positive in Difficult Times

Connecting to good feelings keeps our hearts afloat and gives us hope. Here are three embodied mindfulness practices to welcome gratitude and amusement.

Adobe Stock/ imaji

Difficulty is never monotone. It’s a symphony of high and low emotions, thoughts, and sensations. Mixed in with the cacophony of horrible is often some good.

During the pandemic, I’ve delighted in the California poppies blooming in my front yard and laughed while giving my daughter an extraordinarily uneven haircut with a pair of dull scissors.

It can feel wildly inappropriate to feel delight or to giggle amid such worldwide suffering. Sometimes we feel guilty for feeling good. Certainly, more than a few of us have felt the spiky tendrils of guilt arise after a wave of pleasure that’s risen and fallen within us during the COVID-19 crisis. “Who am I to be happy when others grieve?” 

When our spirits are buoyed, it’s easier to be kind to others. Think of paying attention to the positive as a public mandate that uplifts everyone.

And, yet, it’s vital to connect to the glimmers of positivity that shine through adversity because they keep our hearts afloat and give…