Meditation: Practices, Approaches

Starting out or seasoned, here's advice and a chance to get your questions answered.

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5 Steps to a Better Relationship With Yourself: Want to be compassionate of others? Direct some of those feelings towards yourself first.

The Art of Conversation: 5 steps to enjoying more empathetic and artful conversation.

Tuning In: Tips on how to be a good listener to yourself so you can be a better listener to others.

Eat, Drink, Be Mindful: Eating mindfully isn’t about resistance or restriction. It’s about enjoying more. Here’s a mindful-eating technique to use when you want a snack.

Body Language: When was the last time you gave your body a break? And we're not talking about sleep. Take ten minutes and try the body scan practice.

Minding Your Money: We have to deal with money every day, in ways small and large, pleasurable and stressful. How do we cultivate perspective? Here are three steps to a better relationship with money. 

Tea Party: Looking for a respite from distraction? It's as close as a cup of tea. Jesse Jacobs, founder of Samovar Tea Lounge in San Francisco, offers this ten-minute mindfulness practice for your next cup of tea. 

Stressing Out? S.T.O.P.: Elisha Goldstein, clinical psychotherapist and Mindful's "On Mental Health" blogger, takes us through a one-minute practice to create space in the day to come down from a worried mind in order to mitigate the negative effects of our stress response.

Walk This Way: Try these simple set of instructions for walking meditation, and keep this chart handy for practicing on-the-go.

A Practice for Posture: meditation is not all in your mind. In fact, it begins and ends in the body.

A Mini-Mindful ChallengeElisha Goldstein asks: What if, once an hour, you brought your life back to what is happening right now?

Do I need to meditate to be mindful? Ed Halliwell, a writer, mindfulness teacher, and author of Mindful's "The Examined Life" blog explores a common question asked by those wondering if meditation is for them. 

Mirabai Bush on Mindfulness: A longtime meditator talks about bringing mindfulness to a secular audience and the "how-tos" of mindfulness practice.

Finding Time to Meditate: Saying you value a particular activity just isn't enough, says author David Dillard-Wright. It's another thing altogether to assign it a space on the agenda for your life.

Developing a Daily PracticeJack Kornfield on how to add meditation and awareness to your daily routine

The Body Scan Practice: It gets you out of your head and in touch with your body, and is a great way to take stock of how you’re feeling at any point in the day. Have you tried it?

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