Mindful is an initiative that celebrates being mindful in all aspects of daily living—through Mindful magazine, mindful.org, and social media. To learn more about our efforts, the people behind Mindful, and our growing community, read an overview of Mindful and click on the articles below.

Mindful is getting noticed. Read and listen to news about Mindful magazine's launch and our other initiatives, from Yahoo! to ADWEEK and local radio. 

Each of us came to mindfulness in different ways. Meet the team behind the title. 

In this three-minute video, members of our team describe mindfulness, Mindful magazine, and the larger Mindful initiative.

Learn how mindful.org fits into the Mindful initiative and how you can submit content to the website. 

Learn more about the organizations we partner with, their contributions to mindfulness research and awareness, and how they are bringing mindfulness and other forms of contemplative practice to the wider world.