Do You Have A Fear of Missing Out?

When it comes to our phones, it's not just fear of missing out (FOMO) that keeps us attached and scrolling with abandon. It's fear of keeping up (FOKU). 

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Even though I have an awareness of my relationship to my phone, even though I take measures to limit my use, even though I have strong boundaries with my kids around their usage, if you asked me whether I feel like I have a handle on my relationship to it, I’d give you an unequivocal NO!

The more I talk to people about their relationship to their tech, the greater sense of belonging I feel. For most people, every time they see someone reach for their phone there’s a bell that goes off in the mind that creates an urge to grab their phone. Every time they’re slowing down or waiting anywhere, the idea or urge to check the phone arises. Like an addiction, I know this is unhealthy and yet with all my mindfulness and with all the techniques out there, I struggle with this too.

At last I’m beginning to understand what this is all about and what to do about it.

Why Are We So Addicted to Our Phones?

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