Trusting the Process of Practice

Find deeper self-acceptance and self-love while building the capacity to hold whatever challenges arise.

I’m the founder of the Right Within Experience where we herald and celebrate the power of reclamation, the spirit of Sankofa, an Adinkra symbol, and Akan word from Ghana that essentially means go back and get it. Our time together is to support you in reclaiming the disparate pieces of yourself, calling yourself back to yourself, so that you can have the life of clarity, calm, and well-being that you desire. Today we are going to talk about Emani which is a Swahili word that means faith. 

Trust the Process

We are going to take everything that we have done and put it together in a wonderful stew called “Trust The Process.” You know that you can sit, you can stay on the spot, that you are all you need, and you are enough. You know that you have a purpose, that your purpose may change over time, and that there are many reasons why we do things. Finally we take all of that together and add faith. Faith is putting one foot in front of the other, believing and trusting that in so doing, you will have benefit. 

Find Your Calm

Sit quietly and allow the breath to reset the body and the brain. Allow the breath to push the stress all together so that it can be transformed into calm and well-being, into the happiness that our hearts are calling for. It is your actual birthright to have a block of inner calm, which on top of, you will build resilience. You will build an ability to totally approve of yourself, and to be able to hold whatever challenges may come your way. 

Trusting the Process and Knowing That You Are Enough

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Exploring the Evolving Purpose of Your Life

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Follow the Practice:

  1. Sitting in an upright, but relaxed position, please drop your gaze, or close your eyes. Relax your jaw, unfurl your brow, allow your body to relax. 
  2. Deep breath in, and as you exhale release the stale breath and any story that you might be holding right now. 
  3. Deep breath in, taking in fresh breath and air, releasing stale energy and old stories. 
  4. Deep breath in, I am enough. Let it go, and release. 
  5. Breathe in again, I know my reason why, deep breath out, and release any doubt or fear. 
  6. Deep breath in, my reasons may change, deep breath out, it’s all okay.
  7. Continuing to stay with the breath, breathing in, breathing out—landing on your welcoming mat. Landing on your spot, the place that is just your quiet zone, your home, the place where you get to inquire and be curious. 
  8. Placing your hand on your chest, letting the corners of your lips turn up into a smile, being thankful for being here. 
  9. Now a moment of quiet respite, of peace. If your mind wanders it’s okay. If you notice the temptation to get off the spot, come back. We’re training our attention to stay with ourselves and not leave ourselves. Stay with yourselves, stay on the spot, breathing in, breathing out. 
  10. On the next breath, dropping your hand, gently opening your eyes, returning to the space. This is our purpose, to trust the process, to walk in faith, to know that we are enough, to practice staying with ourselves, staying on the spot. 

You’ve done so well thank you, keep it up. It has been my pleasure to be with you to just explore what it is to have faith in the process of quiet sitting, of meditation, of finding deeper levels of self-acceptance and self-love so we can be on the path of well-being and clarity. 

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