Tim Ryan: A Mindful Coalition

A meditation and yoga practitioner himself, Ryan shares his views on ways in which mindfulness can help veterans and enable positive social and political change through cooperation.

While we’re learning about how mindfulness can help us achieve a state of awareness in the moment, it also can help us identify what makes us tick, and then find ways to dial it down. And who would know this better than a politicial embroiled in Washington’s political gridlock.

In this interview, Tim Ryan, a congressman in Ohio, talks about how he has learned how mindfulness can be used for different people, especially veterans. He believes in the urgency of helping these traumatized veterans, and mindfulness as a part of helping them.

His goal is to bring together a coalition of like minded individuals and groups, in order to further all kinds of mindfulness and well-being projects and causes, from integrative health for veterans and the current military, to urban agriculture.