The Mindful Survey: School

Pep rallies... Bag lunches... Jazz improv? This issue we asked readers about school, and the answers might teach you a thing or two.

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Is school a good thing?


What’s your ideal school type?

58% think public school is the best option. Private and independent schools tie in second place at 17% apiece. Almost no one likes the school of hard knocks (2%).

What was your favorite subject in school?

Only 3% chose gym. Because no one likes gym. Just kidding! Exercise is important.


Should meditation be taught in school?

95% say yes it should. We agree.

How do you keep in touch with old classmates?

42% use Facebook or other social media to stay in contact, and almost as many don’t keep in touch at all (41%).The rest opt for the occasional phone call (10%) or chat over coffee or lunch (7%).


What’s one thing you wish you’d learned in school?

  • That it’s not all about the grades
  • How to fix my computer
  • Not to sweat the small stuff
  • Jazz improvisation
  • How to communicate with girls
  • How to take life less seriously
  • Meditation!!!!!!!!
  • The value of curiosity
  • How not to get pregnant

Popular answers:

  • How to be confident
  • How to manage stress
  • Financial planning and

What’s one lesson you learned at school that didn’t take place in a class or that wasn’t in the curriculum?

  • How to make a good
    prank call
  • Bullies crush your spirit
  • Storytelling
  • Competition kills creativity
  • Girls are just as good as
    boys at anything they
  • Caring is everything
  • Kissing
  • Mean people suck 🙂

If you could change one thing about school, what would it be?

  • Don’t teach things that you
    can never use in real life
  • Get rid of homework
  • Have high school start later
    in the morning
  • No pep rallies
  • More time for recess

What was your favorite school lunch?

  • Donuts
  • Bologna sandwich and Doritos
  • Spaghetti served with a peanut butter sandwich
  • Um, corn dogs!
  • Tofu, rice, and steamed broccoli
  • Creamed chipped beef on toast (shit on a shingle)
  • Book under a tree with a Coke
  • Home-bagged eggplant parmigiano!
  • Probably something horrific like pizza…
  • Roasted chicken with potatoes, peas, and
    applesauce. This lunch was served in our public school cafeteria by women and
    men who actually cooked lunches on site—it was the early ’60s