Tap Into the Power of Letting Go

An allowing practice to give your body the time it needs to let go of tension, to release, to stop holding on so tight.

We’re going to continue on our mindful movement path this session by practicing letting go and allowing. So how do we do that? Well, physically, we’ll focus on forward bending. This is how we’re going to create the physical sensation of letting go: allowing our body to just be heavy, to really drop into the floor.

As we’ve been exploring over the past three sessions, our mind follows our body. When our body is in a state of agitation, so is our mind. When our body is tense and tight, oftentimes, our mind operates in a tense and tight manner. So, by focusing on our body, acknowledging the state it’s in and then working to shift that state, we can often feel a similar change at the mental and emotional level, too.

So this session is about letting go and allowing—and really being still and pausing. We’re going to allow our body the time it needs to let go of tension, to release, to stop holding on so tight. These poses may feel a little bit longer for that reason. Go with it.

Remember: It’s not about getting anything right or being perfect. Continue to listen to your body—it…

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About the author

Cara Bradley

Cara Bradley, a best-selling author of On The Verge: Wake Up, Show Up, and Shine, is a former pro skater for Rollerblade and the founder of Verge Body-Mind Center in Philadelphia. As a speaker and body-mind expert, Cara teaches executives and athletes how to live in flow using strategies integrating movement, breath, and mindfulness training to optimize wellbeing and performance. She works with organizations including Coca-Cola, World Bank Group, SAP and Goldman Sachs and college sports teams including the 2018 National Champion Villanova Men’s Basketball team. Cara hosts a weekly podcast on body-mind training and is a frequent contributor to Happify, Whil, Mindful, Oprah.com, and Thrive Global.