Spread the word about “Creating a Mindful Society”

Videos and other resources to share about this month's landmark gathering.

Registration for Fall 2011’s Creating a Mindful Society conference is underway—click here to register or learn more—and you can play a very helpful role in making the conference’s message a success.

Here are some easy ways to stay informed about Creating a Mindful Society and to spread the word to friends and colleagues:

  • Friend Mindful on Facebook and on Twitter for Conference updates as well as notices about new stories, blogs, and breaking news from Mindful.org. Please share our updates with your own friends, too.
  • Share this web page with friends and colleagues who might benefit from knowing about the conference. With scheduled talks on everything from leadership, education and health to the basics of being more mindful in your own life, there will be something for everyone.
  • Have a website or blog? Spread the word by posting these easily shareable Creating a Mindful Society videos. Featuring Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli (both of whom will be present at the conference), these videos explain the conference in inspiring, plain-English terms. Each of these videos are easily shared by clicking the “Share” buttons found in their viewing screens:

Jon Kabat-Zinn/Saki Santorelli “Creating a Mindful Society Conference” from Omega Institute on Vimeo.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD “Orthogonal Renaissance” from Omega Institute on Vimeo.

  • Write to us at [email protected] to request a Creating a Mindful Society flyer that you can print and/or email. Hang it up or distribute it among friends at work, at school, at the farmer’s market, at your yoga group…

Thank you for being part of Creating a Mindful Society.

(Click here for full schedule and list of speakers in attendance.)