Be a Mindful Travel Warrior

3 ways to bring mindful awareness to the literal ups and downs of travel.

jesadaphorn/Adobe Stock

Finding the time to breathe, let alone be mindful of the breath, is challenge when you’re traveling. Heavy traffic, flight delays, and grumpy commuters can easily disrupt our mindfulness practice off the cushion. And yet, these moments can be our best opportunities to do more than just survive, but actually find some opportunities to truly practice when we need it most. Bringing more awareness to the literal ups and downs of travel, in terms of patience, mindfulness, and compassion, is something we can all practice. Here’s how:

Practice Patience
“Hurry up and wait” is perhaps the mantra that best captures modern air travel. Hustle to the airport to wait in line for your tickets. Rush down the hall to wait in the security line. Hurry off the airplane, only to wait at the luggage carousal, before you rush outside to wait for your ride.  Why not smooth over the roller coaster with some mindfulness and compassion?

Every time you’re stuck in a line there’s an opportunity for practice (instead of the habitual reach for the phone).  An opportunity to stop, to feel our feet on the ground, the energy in our bodies as we pause between…