Is Your Commute Mindful?

Leave the road rage at home: Travel might get a little more relaxing thanks to these meditative tweaks.

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We’ve all heard that life is a journey, not a destination. Maybe that’s true—but you still have to get from point A to point B occasionally. And while travel might not have been at the top of your agenda for the last few years, some in the transportation industry are betting on mindfulness as a driver in the return to travel.

Fuel, Calm, and Collected

Sitting in traffic can be frustrating, raise cortisol levels, and even stoke the fires of road rage. But the Mindfulness Concept Car wants to put the calm back in highway calamity. Ford has presented a modified Kuga SUV complete with an array of stress-busting features. Need a power nap? Lie back in the reclining driver’s seat with neck support. Need a quick breather? Plug in to the infotainment center stocked with guided yoga and meditation sessions. Note: You do need to pull the car over to make use of most features. But hey, the car has ambient lighting and can monitor your heart rate when another driver cuts you off.

Plane and Simple

Air travel in a pandemic is a new ball game. There are cancellations and delays like we’ve never experienced before and a new host of anxieties that have little to do with a fear of flying. But not to worry, airports across the US seem to have found a winning solution: Build more sensory rooms, meditation areas, and quiet spaces so the average traveler can find a moment of peace in the COVID-fueled chaos. Only time will tell if these efforts actually make flying less overwhelming but in the meantime one can only hope ventilation systems are also being upgraded. With a fancy meditation room come a lot of deep, full-body breaths.

Right on Track

Among the many industries that suffered during the pandemic, train firms in the UK took a hit due to the lack of daily travelers. So much so that many have promised to make the travel experience “more relaxing” by offering free hot beverages, access to a mindfulness app, a rewards program for frequent commuters, and their word that they’re cutting back on blaring announcements. And what about what most transit users really want? you might ask. A ride that arrives on time. No one clipping their toenails during their commute. Well, that might be a bridge too far.


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