Introducing the NoPhone: The Phone that Does Nothing

Literally, it does nothing. But people have contributed thousands of dollars to the Kickstarter campaign. 

“Phone addiction is real. And it’s everywhere,” the NoPhone Kickstarter reads. “It’s ruining your dates. It’s distracting you at concerts. It’s disrupting you in movie theaters. It’s clogging up sidewalks.” The campaign reached $17,368 at the time of this post, with 862 backers eagerly awaiting a phone-shaped block of plastic.

There’s a sense that this device points out or will help us get over our technological dependency. But can clutching a phone-shaped plastic device actually wean us off our bad habit? Just this month, a Google Glass user was treated for addiction to the device. I think we can imagine with the NoGlass will look like…

Anyway, all confused, bewildered, or just texting individuals will clearly benefit from the demonstraton below: