Urban meditation studios might just be the coffee shops of the future. Offering impeccably designed contemplative spaces and access to the best mindfulness teachers, beginners and seasoned meditators alike can pop in for a group meditation session and connect with their community in a whole new way.

In the February issue of Mindful, you can read our feature article about how some urban meditation studios are meeting the needs of their unique—and growing—communities. Below you’ll find a guided meditation from one of the studios we featured so you can get a feel for what happens inside their classes.

A Joy Meditation from the DEN Meditation Studios:

Los Angeles, CA  denmeditation.com

“The best thing about joy is that nothing has to happen in order for us to be able to rejoice. There are moments and conditions throughout our day, all day, that we can rejoice in.”
—Heather Prete, of DEN meditation 


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