One of my favorite parts of assembling this story was speaking to David Haskell, who wrote The Forest Unseen: A Year’s Watch in Nature. His practice of going into the woods every day and just noticing everything around him made me think of my relationship to nature when I was a boy.

From age five to eight I lived in South Africa. When I wasn’t in school I was barefoot, giving the soles of my feet a leathery toughness they’ve never had since. I spent a lot of time in a creek at the bottom of the garden. I had relationships with freshwater crabs (watch those pincers!), lizards and all kinds of bugs. I noticed the wind in the tall grass and the sounds of birds in the trees. I basked in the sun.

Speaking with Haskell—and all the other sources in this story—was a good reminder for me. This summer, the shoes are coming off. And that’s just for starters.

—Carsten Knox, Associate Editor

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