Author: Carsten Knox

Carsten Knox

Carsten Knox is a freelance writer and former associate editor of Mindful.


Teenagers leave the comforts of home and phone, live together on a tiny boat, and discover how to be alone and how to pull together. It’s not easy, but it’s unforgettable.


What learning how to drive stick in my 40s taught me about my automatic behaviors.

Body & Mind

Mindful speaks to Craving to Quit founder Judson Brewer about the research behind the smoking-cessation program and accompanying app. 


See how American artist Phillip K. Smith illustrates contemplation through interactive art objects. 


Repeating a road trip you did 18 years ago is humbling, of course, but it proves the second time around can be even better. 


What do kids growing up in the toughest parts of inner-city Baltimore need most? Three guys returned to find out—and changed lives and a neighborhood in the process.